Published: 14/07/2020 By Musgrove & Co

Water leaks in the house can be harmful and expensive.

A leaky pipe can cost you a fair sum to fix. However, it can be difficult to see the resulting water damage. You could find your repair bill increase by thousands if you do not dealt with it quickly.

Therefore, it is important to know how to spot the subtle signs.


Damp patches and cracks in walls

The most obvious sign of leakage in your home is the presence of wet spots or normal damp on your walls or ceilings.

If damp is coming from under the floor, this is a cause for concern; prolonged saturation can weaken the foundation of your home over time.

If the leak is coming through the roof, depending on the location of your water tanks, you may have a case of a compromised flashing or leaky roof vent.

If you see suspicious patches, it is important call a professional to check them immediately before the problem worsens. This is particularly important when you consider the cost of a large water main burst.

Strange smells

You may have detected a strange smell or some black mold or discoloration on your walls; this may be due to a small or medium leak in your home.

Mould increases in humid temperatures. Leaking pipes in hot houses are breeding places for this and can appear within 24–48 hours. You should act quickly, as dangerous spores can be formed in 3 days.

When this happens, the leak is likely inside the wall; you will need a plumbing professional to find the source of the problem as soon as possible. They are the best at dealing with these issues as they will use expert techniques to correctly diagnose the problem.

If the wall is not highly saturated, then you should try to deal with the mould before it creates harmful spores. In these cases, multiple applications of mould and mildew cleaners should suffice. You should leave the solution on the problem area for 5 minutes before wiping for the best results.

Unusually high water bills and low water pressure

We are all surprised by an oddly high water bill at some point. However, if it consistently exceeds your estimates, it can be a cause for concern.

If there are no signs of leaks within the home, you may have a large leak on the outside pipe that connects your home to the mains supply. This may be evident by a drop in water pressure or a complete absence of water.

First, check-in with your neighbors to see if their supply has changed. This may be a defect in the supply of the street which can affect everyone.

If you find that it is completely on your property, look around your front and back gardens for wet patches of grass near any drains and areas with overflows. This is an indication that there are problems with the outside pipe.

Unusual sounds around the house

Strange sounds in your home that can become background noise over time, such as running water, gurgles or bubbles, can mean possible leaks from a sink, toilet or bathroom.

If you are worried, check your water meter when there is no water running. If it is ticking and still registering water usage then it is time to get in touch with your plumber.