Getting your home ready for Spring

Published: 14/02/2023 By Musgrove & Co

If you’ve had enough of Winter - the cold, the gloom and the short days, then you are almost certainly checking the calendar to see when Spring is going to appear.

In fact, it’s just around the corner. Already, daffodils are poking their green stems above the surface of the verges, and the birds are much more active early morning as the sun begins to rise just that little bit earlier.

But what about getting your property ready for the new season – inside and out?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Take a good look around your house. No… a GOOD look. In daylight. Do any of the rooms look like they could do with a freshen up? It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to make your home come alive. Choose some bright, Spring colours: greens, yellows, blues – something that will make the light kick from the surfaces as it flows in through the windows. 
  2. Be brave and sort out that cupboard under the sink. You know, the one where you store the dishwasher tablets, cleaning sprays and pan scourers. Pull everything out and sort out that space. Does the dust pan and brush have to live in there? When was the last time you used that Duraglit? (Do they still make Duraglit?) And throw out that dirty tea towel that you used to mop up the water when the washing machine flooded. You get the picture – bring some order into the chaos that is the under-sink cupboard – I guarantee you’ll feel all the better for it.
  3. When you’ve done that, consider the fridge freezer. I know its hard. But there’s a carrot in the back of the salad tray that’s turned into plasticine. Remove all the attachments and wash them, pull out the shelves and give everything a good clean. And don’t forget to check the freezer. Is everything in there still ok? Frozen food doesn’t last forever. A whole frozen chicken will be fine for 12 months or so but after that, the flavour can begin to alter. For chicken pieces, chefs usually say up to nine months. And what about the compartments? If they are icing up, take the opportunity to defrost – it’ll do wonders for the efficiency of the freezer. 
  4. When you’re done in the kitchen, go upstairs and have a look in your wardrobe. When Spring comes, you’re going to want some new gear, right? Where on earth are you going to hang it? Be ruthless and go through your old stuff. Anything you won’t wear, again donate to a charity shop or pass it on for re-cycling. De-clutter your life and make some space for the fresh and the new.
  5. And what about your workspace? Is there anything there that needs attention? A new desk, perhaps, (there’s some really neat space-saving ones) or a proper office chair that supports your back while you’re working at the keyboard. There’s lots of sales on through January – you might find yourself a bargain and save loads of money on chiropractor’s fees. 
  6. How about taking your life into your hands and looking outside? If you’ve got a garden shed, clear it out so you’re ready for the bulb-planting season. Get rid of old pots and broken garden tools, not to mention the burst footballs and forgotten paint cans that have lost their lids and gone off. What about the mower? Does it need a service? Get it done now – there’ll be a six-week wait come April. And have a look at the condition of that barbecue? Will it really last another Summer? Or is the griddle now completely beyond redemption?
  7.  You may not have enough confidence in the weather to do too many outside jobs, but if it’s dry and bright, begin to clear the leaves away from drains, gutters and lawns. (They’re easier to bag now – they’re soggy!)
  8. While you’re dreaming of warmer weather, take a trip to your local garden centre and have a browse. Buy some Summer seeds and bulbs that you’ll want to plant in early March, like lilies and gladioli. While you’re at it, you might like to think about some plants like geraniums and begonias that need longer to grow. You can pop them in during February.
  9. Have a look at fences and trellis. How are they holding up to the Winter so far? Give them a wash down with a hose. Maybe they need re-staining?
  10. Allow yourself plenty of time for trips to the tip. Clear-ups, clear-outs, freshen-ups and sorting-outs all create unwanted rubbish. Let de-clutter be your watchword, and you’ll be ready to Spring into action when the time comes.

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