2021 is the year to renovate your home

Published: 18/08/2021 By Musgrove & Co

2021 is the year to renovate your home

A recent survey of 2,000 homeowners has shown that 7 in 10 brits feel 2021 is ‘the year’ to undertake their home renovations.

Whilst 41% have renovations well underway, 17% have not yet started. Many wish to prioritise their garden with a new summer house or outdoor office. But some feel the priority is to change doors and windows on their properties.

If you are spending a lot more time at home as we have done over the last year you want it to be perfect. It comes as little surprise that in the throes of British summertime many want to prioritise their garden.

Adding another building to a garden or updating windows or exterior of the house does not only update the property but can also add energy efficiency.

The study also found that a majority of homeowners have around 10 areas of the home that they wish to update.

More than half admit to daydreaming about all the things they want to do to their house.

73% have a 'vision' of what they want their house to look like if they had all the time and money to sort it.

With that being said, 43% said the money they had saved for holidays during the coronavirus pandemic would be used for home renovations.

As a result, three-quarters have been able to get the end result they desired, whilst some feel their homes are a long way off being finished, whilst many don't believe their home will ever reach the point they want it to.

On average it is suggested that these home renovations could add a value of around £12,600 to each house. But home improvements should not only be measured by the value that they add to your property.

The research was commissioned by The Independent Network Powered by VEKA, whose spokeswoman Karen Lund, who said ‘A loft conversion that gives you beautiful views and becomes your master bedroom for many years, has already paid for itself in the use you get from it. We believe home improvements should be made with this in mind - to make your home a more beautiful space to live in now, not for the next owners.'

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